We’ve got company! Guest Review of The Bridal Chair

Every once in a while we like to recruit others for help with reviews, and this is the first installment in the We’ve got company! series.  Today we’re joined by Ewelina Rutyna of Heavenly Good Books


The Bridal Chair by Gloria Goldreich is telling us a story about life of an artist, Marc Chagall, through the eyes of his daughter, Ida.

Ida is describing her eccentric father, his artistic way of living and also her overprotective parents. As the story progresses, we can see that the author tries to show the reader through the eyes of young Ida the scenery of politics, art, culture of france and USA during the War. She perfected the description of Paris in 1920s, where young artists came from all over the world to learn and show their art.

The first part of the story was the most interesting for me, where Marc Chagall, full of himself and his importance in the art world, refuses to flee France and seek refuge in New York City, far away from Hitler and his ways of curing the world. Only thanks to Ida’s stubbornness and help from other artists the family, March, his wife Belle and Ida, board a ship to New York City.

After their arrival, this story is not as captivating. It’s still interesting and shows how Ida is maturing and falling in love with Michael, but I missed her stubbornness there.

The main centre of the story is Ida’s relationship with her father and his wedding gift, a painting of a Bridal Chair.

The story for me deserves a strong 4 stars, for the well built descriptions and well developed characters.

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Author info:
Gloria Goldreich
GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/87.Gloria_Goldreich

Disclaimer: We received an ARC of The Bridal Chair compliments of NetGalley, however the opinions represented are that of the reviewer and no compensation was provided.


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