Mama Reads: The Raven’s Child by Tom Sniegoski

“Sniegoski and Brown have crafted a riveting, gorgeous and fully realized world blending the best of masked avengers, horror, fantasy and science fiction. Look out, Zombies, the Throng has arrived!”

—Jeff Smith, creator of Bone

ravenschildTHE RAVEN’S CHILD

Thomas E. Sniegoski, Tom Brown

InkLit Trade Paperback

$19.95 | 208 pages

August 4, 2015

ISBN: 9780425279076

 Entrancing audiences with his exploration of the Batman universe, Thomas Sniegoski has also thrilled fans with his Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, and uncovered the paranormal with his Hellboy spin-off series, B.R.P.D.

Now, InkLit is excited to invite you into a mesmerizing dark world with THE RAVEN’S CHILD (InkLit Trade Paperback; $19.95; August 4, 2015).

When the Throng came, the human race never stood a chance. The monsters were simply too strong and numerous—it only took a few months for them to take over and leave the few poor souls who survived cowering in terror for years to come.

But legend speaks of a dark goddess known as the Raven’s Child, the only one destined to destroy the Throng and free those under their cruel power. Whoever wields this name and image can become the bane of the Throng, striking fear in their hearts, and a true inspiration to humankind.

Even though Carissa’s just a young woman, she must now vow to reclaim the world for the human race…no matter what the cost.


75efc-bn-icon amz

Mama’s Thoughts on The Raven’s Child:

I can honestly say I’ve never read anything quite like this.  A graphic novel written with a science fiction master’s voice, this dystopian tale with elements of the supernatural and interweaving myths is an action-packed, emotional journey through the eyes of Carissa, who is more than human, less than god.  She is afraid, but very strong for someone who is obviously quite young, and utterly alone.

“Fear is the most virulent of diseases.”

Fear is what the throng races invoke as you turn the pages, the desolation of the entire planet and its inhabitants paints a bleak picture, and the gritty illustrations accompanying the striking text lend a hand in creating this frightful nightmare.  Although I wouldn’t classify The Raven’s Child as horror, it certainly is spooky.  I kept wondering what new atrocity awaited me as I continued the journey, but ultimately I kept rooting for the human race.

When it comes down to us vs. them, we tend to unite in our fight to survive.  I appreciated the realistic manner in which Sniegsoski portrays the remaining humans, how their emotions and horrible living conditions were portrayed by Brown, and how the artist and author managed to work together so well, I would never have thought I was holding the product of more than one voice.  It’s not only cohesive but also deftly woven into a tale of an alien apocalypse with more to the story than meets the eye.  For its humanity, and for its striking use of mythology, The Raven’s Child deserves 4.5 stars.



Tom Sniegoski is the author of the acclaimed Remy Chandler novels and the New York Times bestselling Young Adult series Fallen, which was the basis for the ABC Family miniseries.  He has also written comics and graphic novels for many of the top comic book publishers, including:  DC Comics (Batman); Marvel (Wolverine); Dark Horse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Image (Shadowhawk); and Harris Comics (Vampirella).  Sniegoski collaborated with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola on the Hellboy spin-off B.R.P.D. He is the only writer to ever work on Bone, except for the character’s creator Jeff Smith.

Tom Brown is a graphic novel artist whose first work Hopeless Maine was published by Archie/Boom Entertainment in 2012. He has also created book cover for author and poet Joe Pulver. He lives in the United Kingdom.


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