Release Spectacular for Lorelai, You’ll Never Die by @_LauraKonrad


Lorelai Cover




Lorelai, Youll Never Die is now LIVE!!! Pick up your copy of #LYND for only 99CENTS!


Lorelai is a woman with many stories to tell.

She was just a promiscuous secretary at the county evidence locker. But all that changed with the apocalypse.

She found herself alone and wandering the country in search of something, she just wasn’t sure what. She came across many different types of people along the way, some freaks and some who are just like her trying to survive. Her adventures forced her to adapt in ways she never thought she could, made her feel in ways she never thought she would.

In the apocalypse you either learn to adapt or you die


Mama’s Thoughts:

Lorelai, You’ll Never Die will never be forgotten. Blending witty sarcasm and the quest for emotional connection with the brutal atrocities of the post-apocalyptic country, this story is presented in such an original format that you are left with an eerie feeling long after you’ve clicked off the last page.
At times I was utterly mystified, soon to be made all too aware of the gravity of the situation in which Lorelai would find herself. The jarring beginning serves as the rocky foundation on which the tale is built, and gets you in the mood for a rough ride through which the nightmare unfolds. Lorelai grows and becomes a more careful, much more mature person, as you might expect for someone hardened by the fight for survival. But, as Lorelai tells us, she doesn’t just want to survive- she wants to thrive. Thus the story we find ourselves reading is her search for what that might really mean.
I highly recommend that you only read this if you are an adult (18+) as the themes and content are for a more mature audience. That being said, I think Laura Konrad handled the harder subjects with dignity and a sensitivity lacking in much of post-apocalyptic fiction, and it only adds to my enjoyment of this book. It’s between 4 and 4.5 stars and a round of high fives for Lorelai!

aesoph beach magnum opus



Author Bio:

I’m Laura Konrad and I’m a 22 year old writer from Canada. I love science fiction and apocalyptic stories and my first book was published with The Dryden Experiment, a set of stories that were illustrated by Danielle Evert. When I’m not writing, I’m reading copious amounts of books in a search for inspiration. My favourite writers are Stephen King, John Fowles, Orson Scott Card and George R.R. Martin.

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