Mama Reads: The Five Kingdoms of Severi: Book One: The Keys of Destiny by Dora Gonzalez @van_maniac

book cover 01 dgonzalez
Author Name:
Dora Gonzalez
Book Title:
The Five Kingdoms of Severi (Book One: The Keys of Destiny)
Genre and Sub-Genre:
Fantasy/Heroic Fantasy; Young Adult
Word and Page Counts:
93,902 words and 372 pages
Publisher and Publication Date:
Big World Network April 6, 2015
Book Content Rating:
2 PG-17 – Some adult content but no details (mainly due to some mild foul language)

In a time of peace and treaties, the five kingdoms of Severi lay unguarded and open to the dark hearts of man. Terdune, a neighboring land that had been at constant war with Severi, was defeated over twenty years ago. All threats were eradicated and its lands left without a ruler. Now a new evil reigns in Terdune and slowly makes its way to its adjacent sister.

When Edwin’s village is attacked, he is forced to travel halfway across the second kingdom to the King’s Hold. Along the way he must learn the true power of the gifts that were bestowed upon him and discover the meaning of the dreaded fate attached to them.

Mama’s Thoughts:
This fantasy adventure follows the story of two young men who must fight for their lives and those of their countrymen.  In true epic fantasy fashion the story takes a while to get going, with plenty of world building along the way.  I only wished there were a few less discussions about the beautiful sword.  Other than that and a few confusing pov switches, I greatly enjoyed Five Kingdoms.  I appreciated Gonzalez’s imaginative narration and sense of old world folk lore.  I could see myself surrounded by rolling brooks and singing birds wandering through the forest right along beside Edwin and Alden.  If you savor sword fights and prefer to lavish yourself in the lore of yesteryear, pick up Five Kingdoms of Severi today!  4 stars and off to a great start!
Dora Gonzalez is currently working on her third novel. She enjoys writing the occasional short story, dabbling in flash fiction, getting lost in a video game, and hunting down the next book to fall in love with. She also loves to paint, design book covers, and go sight-seeing. She lives in Texas with her
son and two miniature poodles.

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