I’m taking the challenge! #BlogAhead2015 @herdingcats2012@kimbacaffeinate

blog ahead 2015
Who doesn’t want more time to read for pleasure, not to mention having less stress over missing posts when you’re going out of town to see family for the upcoming holidays? I, for one, am the worst kind of reviewer- the procrastinating overscheduler.  There I admit it.  I see so many books I want to read I end up having a review due nearly every day and I read it the day or two before the post goes live.  That’s why I’m taking the #BlogAhead2015 challenge hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup and Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  I challenge myself to have at least 31 scheduled posts starting November 1st, and I challenge anyone who is interested to join in!  Get your blog set up for staying a month ahead, or at least a couple weeks!  Join in:
I’ll be updating this post to let everyone know how I’m doing throughout the month of October.  This will help you see how things are coming along, and help hold me accountable.
Update October 3rd: Huzzah! we have our first scheduled post for Nov 19th, a book tour for Daughters of the People a fantasy/romantic suspense series by Lucy Varna
Who’s in?

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