Mama Reads: Sword of Honor by David Kirk @doubledaypub

We are happy to present to you a very special advanced review of Sword of Honor by David Kirk!


Hardcover, 464 pages

Expected publication: November 3rd 2015 by Doubleday


In the epic historical novel Sword of Honor, David Kirk continues the saga of Musashi Miyamoto, the greatest samurai in Japanese history, as he journeys to the ancient city of Kyoto to fight for his life and his ideals

Having survived the cataclysmic battle of Sekigahara, which established the mighty Tokugawa Shogunate, young Musashi Miyamoto travels through Japan determined to proclaim his revolutionary epiphany that the “way of the sword,” the ancient code that binds samurai to their masters, needs to be abolished.

But during the battle Musashi insulted an adept of the powerful Yoshioka School, and a price has been put on his head. Musashi travels to Kyoto, domain of the Yoshioka, for a reckoning. He has taken up with Ameku, a beautiful blind woman branded as a witch; his burgeoning love for her will make him vulnerable.

Mushashi intends to deal a crushing blow to the traditional samurai dogma by destroying the Yoshioka warriors, but Musashi will learn that his spectacular gifts with the sword are no match for the cunning of powerful lords. The wily Tokugawa governor, still struggling to establish dominance in Kyoto, sees in Musashi just the weapon he needs to overcome the rebellious Yoshioka.

Sword of Honor seamlessly blends meticulous research, mesmerizing action sequences, and a driving narrative to bring this extraordinary figure to life.

Mama’s Thoughts:
Whenever I hear the phrase “epic historical saga” I am intrigued, but leery of the possibility for dry and boring words that fail to captivate me.  Sword of Honor has the action and mystery needed to keep the story moving, while also maintaining a beautiful, flowing prose narrative that speaks to the heart of the reader.  I need to go back and read the first installment so I can have more of the backstory, but this tale of bravery and soul searching had me reading into the wee hours of the morning.  (Thank you espresso shots!)  I was constantly lost in the world Kirk creates, forgetting that I have no idea how to wield a weapon, and I’m merely a passenger along for this ride.  This is certainly an impressive entry into the historical samurai fantasy world and one I’d love to see continued.  For sheer word power and enjoyment, I’m going with 4 stars on this free advanced review read.  My thanks to the publisher for offering a copy for my honest opinion.

davidkirkAuthor Info:

DAVID KIRK, twenty-seven, became interested in Japanese history when his dad gave him a copy of James Clavell’s Shogun. Later he would write his dissertation on samurai cinema. Kirk now lives in Japan, where he works as an English-language teacher. His influences include Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell, Cormac McCarthy, and Kurt Vonnegut.

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