Release Blitz for Alder’s World Pt II

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TITLE: Alder’s World Part 2: Chlorophyll Probes

AUTHOR: Joel Stottlemire

COVER DESIGN: Gavin Revitt

Alder's World 2

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Time has passed since the crew of the League of Planet’s spacecraft “The Duster” played out a desperate gamble, crash-landing into the primal dawn of an alien planet. Alone on this sterile world, light years from rescue, Sam Alder, now commander of the survivors, faces desperate times. The ship is dying, the crew is dying, his beloved Elana is dying. Failure is not an option, Sam must find a new home…for the children.

Chlorophyll Probes is part two in the three part Alder’s World series set in the Dryden Universe, a Creative Commons science fiction environment open for development by writers and artists of all kinds.

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Dudes…stop what you’re doing and go pick up these books! The first part is free and you will be sucked right on in! Part II continues the crazy chaotic action from the first part of Alder’s World, but now our characters are thrown into high gear to survive the devastation of a desolate planet.  Poor Sam can’t catch a friggin’ break…not even a bit.  Not your typical space tale, you will be on the edge of your floor, er um seat (I suppose most people have sitting devices of sorts) and you will not be able to stand the wait for book 3, but it’s worth it:)  4.5 stellar stars!

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Like many great storytellers, Stottlemire made his break in the short fiction market. After a run of more than twenty short science fiction and horror sales and a several years writing articles, Stottlemire turned his attention to longer works, producing the novella “Summer of the Masters” and the novel “Season’s of Fire” within a year of each other.

Stottlemire is most noted for the surprising range of his voice. While clearly a master of genera fiction, he shows no difficulty switching to character driven novels (Seasons) or highly symbolic allegorical work (Summer.) He is equally versed in poetry which he publishes occasionally in limited release.

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