Get ready for #ROTE: A #NewRelease Review and Teaser Show from @DrydenEx @TracyDDK @RoacheWriter

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RELEASE DATE: November 30, 2015

AUTHORS: Damian Roache, Daniel B. Hunt, Don van Ausdoll, Eugene Kelly III, Kitty Sarkozy, Tracy Vincent

COVER DESIGN: Gavin Revitt

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For five hundred years human exploration of space has gone largely unchallenged. Now, deep in the ocean beneath the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa, something is stirring…a power both ancient and wholly alien, moving in the dark places. It’s power is unimaginable, its rage inexhaustible and its goal clear; to eradicate humanity.

Join six of the Dryden Experiment’s premier authors as they weave tales from humanity’s darkest hour. What will become of the creatures from Sol, faced with the Rise of the Europan?


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It was such a pleasure to be asked to beta read for my gal Tracy Vincent, but man was I unprepared for the total awesomeness of the complete anthology. Rise of the Europan spans genres, thought most would classify this as scifi/fantasy.  You get tons of action, suspenseful mystery, and human drama, with aliens! Well it’s a bit more complicated than that, but you just have to read for yourself to find out more.  You can find these authors online if you want to bug them for spoilers, but you won’t find any here, no sirree Bob!  I suppose you could say I’m a bit biased, and that it should be pointed out I do have a soft spot for Dryden; but it’s only because of the high quality this publishing house strives to put out, and consistently delivers.  Rise of the Europan gives us a glimpse into the destructive nature of the universe, and how we can never truly escape fate.

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