Hold the Phone, It’s #Demons Time!! #review #sneakpeek #preorder

I am beyond stoked to bring you the details on Demons,  A Runes Companion Novel: Eirik Book 1, From USA Today Bestselling Author Ednah Walters!!!

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Eirik Baldurson ~Son of Baldur, God of Light~ failed living as a Mortal.  He lost the girl of

his dreams and nearly got his friends killed. Now, he’s gone to the underworld to meet the mother

he’s never known. Torn between his duty to her and the man he used to be, Eirik struggles to

find himself, until a witch appears in his world. Feisty and stubborn, she is a reminder of everything

good he left behind.

Celestia Devereaux proudly attends a charter high school for “gifted”  teenagers who embrace

magic. Witches. However, she keeps a terrible secret ~a prediction that she would one day

be responsible for catastrophic destruction and death. Though Celestia uses her clairvoyant

abilities to help people, she worries that it is just a matter of time before she goes over

to the dark side.  Her world changes when she unexpectedly astral projects to a place she didn’t

believe existed and meets a tortured man who needs her help.

Will helping him cause her fears to come true,   or will he sacrifice everything to save her?…


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Mama’s Thoughts:

So you think you know Runes? Wrong.  Just wrong.  You will be blown away by what’s been going on with Eirik.  He has definitely not just been lounging around snogging chicks and eating fancy foods, I will tell you that much.  Up to this point we’ve seen norns, valkyries, grimnirs, half-mortals, immortals, gods and goddesses, plus a host of eerie creatures- and yet there’s much more to come…boy howdy I was surprised by what we learn here.  Nope not gonna give that away.  Ednah Walters’ world is one full of myth and mystery, with just enough romance to make you go awww.  I was really happy with the pace of the story in Demons, it wasn’t too quick so that I couldn’t follow, but there was absolutely no part that dragged on and made me wish the book was finished.  IN fact, I was slightly disappointed when I got to 5% left in the book and realized I had to wait til Spring for the next book!

We also get to meet one of my new favorite female characters, Celestia.  She is funny, sweet, street smart and not afraid to dive in and get her hands dirty.  I absolutely loved this gal!

Walters weaves a mystical tapestry of adventure steeped in Norse mythology. A wild ride that you won’t want to end, Demons will ensnare you mind body and soul.  If you haven’t begun your Runes journey, I have a treat for you, as book 1 is FREE on all e-tailers! yup, free!  Get started and meet your new favorite book boyfriend today!

Fave quote:



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E.B. Walters holds a PHD in Chemistry and is a stay-at-home mother of five. She is also a USA Today Bestselling Author. She writes about flawed heroes and the women who love them. From her Contemporary Romance-The Fitzgerald Family series, started with Slow Burn and has a total of six books in this series-to her new series Infinitus Billionaire: Impulse (book 1) published was in January 2015. Indulge (book 2) released in August 4th, 2015 and Intrigue (Book 3) to be released early 2016. She also writes YA & NA Paranormal as Ednah Walters. There is her award-winning, International bestselling YA Paranormal Romance Runes Series (which focuses on Norse mythology and legends) and The Guardian Legacy Series – YA Urban Fantasy, (which focuses on the Nephilim, children of the fallen angels. Whether she’s writing about Valkyries, Norns, and Grimnirs, or Guardians, demons, and Archangels, love, family, and friendship play crucial roles in all her books.


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