New Cover Old Book: Cover re-reveal for Fated Capture by Kristyn Eudes


Fated Capture
by Kristyn Eudes
Dec 7th.


believes she is just a regular sixteen year old girl until a week before the
start of her junior year when she starts to experience strange occurrences.
Soon after she is thrust in a world that feels more make-believe than reality.
To make matter worse, she is being hunted by two ancient races of supernatural
beings. One looking to find and save her life and in turn save their race, the
other looking to use her to bring an end to the world as she knows it.

After being attacked and kidnapped by her best
friend’s boyfriend she is rescued by the guy she has been having reoccurring
dreams about. Soon her life isn’t the only thing she is in jeopardy of losing
as she finds herself falling hard and fast for her rescuer, Lyon. But will she
be able to see past who or what he really is and accept him as he is?

Fated Capture is story about fate, adventure,
magic and unconditional love. Arsem’a is a fiercely loyal heroine with a knack
for getting herself into trouble. The question is will she be able to get out?
Or will she find herself in the grasp of the one she desperately needs to avoid?








Eudes was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but raised in a small town in Alabama were
she still resides today. She recently married the love of her life and now
spends her days raising their large family. She obsessed with Vampire Diaries
and loves to spend her free time reading and writing.




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