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Roan and Kay are orphans.

A fire takes their home, taking what little they had and ending the only life they’ve known. But during the fire, they save the life of an old Acolyte of Talan who gives them one chance to change their lives. One chance to gain entry into one of the great Razor Schools of Resa.

The School of Faith.

Beyond its hallowed gates, lie wonders and secrets they’ve never imagined, as magic pulses all around them. They are desperate to join the friends they meet there, but have only one month to earn entry.

As Roan excels, Kay struggles, and it becomes clear they won’t both pass the test.

They promised one another they would stay together, but is Kay willing to let Roan leave the life he was meant to have?

Does she even have a choice?

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Mama’s Thoughts:

Another stunning tale of adventure and mystery, Faith and Moonlight details the story of two more orphans, Roan and Kay.  Though there are many trials along the way, they learn to work together and prove that when you want to change your fate, you have to take the initiative and not wait on some divine intervention.  A heartbreaking narrative that was so realistic at times, I forgot I was reading fantasy, this episode of  the Echo of the Ascended did not disappoint.  Once more I would recommend reading all the previous tales, but this also stands well alone.


Guest Post with Author Mark Gelineau:

Howdy.  I’m Mark.  You heard from my partner Joe a couple of weeks ago.  He gave you the low-down on what it is like for the two of us working as a writing team.  Today, the wonderful Mama here has invited little old me back here to the Mama Reads blog to talk about my writing process.
Now the process of writing is intensely personal and every writer has to find what works for them.  However, in this incredibly intense year, I have learned some interesting lessons about what works and what doesn’t (at least for me) and so I thought I would share them with you.
Here then are some of my essential “Do’s” and Don’ts” of writing.
Enjoy a light snack while you work.  Carrots are good I hear.  Also, everybody seems to be talking about kale lately, so maybe that would be good.
Eat heavy foods when you need to think.  Joe and I used to try and do story meetings after a meal of all you can eat mongolian bbq.  We didn’t get a lot of story stuff done, but we watched a lot of Firefly. And napped.
Heavy foods also don’t help with writer’s block.  I can neither confirm nor deny that I consumed an entire tub of pudding once while stuck on a scene in A Reaper of Stone.  But I will say that the people at Kozy Shack did not mean for “tub” to be a single serving size.
Realize that caffeine can help wake you up and keep you working.
Before coffee-

Senior Man Driving --- Image by © Steve Prezant/Corbis

After coffee:
Inline image 2
Go overboard on your caffeine intake.
Inline image 3
Know when to ask for help.  Understand that people are experts in their fields for a reason.  There are professional editors doing what they do because what they do is important.
Assume that because you can correct other people’s grammar on facebook that you can edit your own work.
Have someone beta read your stuff.  Or more than one someone.  Many someones.  Getting honest, genuine feedback on what is working for readers and what is not is crucial.  As writers, we are often too close to the material to see what might not be effective in conveying the story for the reader.
Assume you always have to listen to every single thing your beta readers say.  Appreciate what they are saying, but know when they are crazy, or just plain wrong.
“Yes, I know that Ferran and Mireia are monster hunters, and I know dinosaur erotica is evidently selling quite well on Amazon, but no I don’t think that is a good direction to go in this fantasy novella.”
Force yourself to write every day.  Find that time.  Carve it out.  Seek it wherever you can.
Give up.  Not ever.

Author Bios (Short)

Mark and Joe have been writing and telling stories together for the last 25 years. They share a love for the classic fantasy tales of their childhood. Their Echoes of the Ascended series brings those old epic characters and worlds to new life.

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