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tag17I CAN’T CLOSE MY EYES… I refuse to. Every time I do, all I see is blood, death, and pain. I can feel it – almost taste it, bringing me back to that night.
It doesn’t matter that I’m still breathing; I no longer need it, I no longer want it. I despise it along with everything else around me.
The only thing I long for is to fucking fade away. I’ve given up. Until her at least…


She comes into my world, knocking me on my ass.
It turns me on to have her around me. Makes me want to wrap my hand around her tight little throat and f*** her until she feels my pain, feels the monster in me, but also makes me want to protect her from the very thing that she should be afraid of… me.
Once she sees the damage that I’m capable of; she’ll look at me like everyone else around me does: with fear.

Avalon Knight
HIS EYES… THE DARKNESS IN them draws me to him, making me want to taste him, feel him… and save him. I shouldn’t have gotten on the back of his motorcycle that day. I know that now. Colton warned me. I was told it was dangerous. I was told that nothing would be the same. He was right.
ROYAL is dangerous, dark, and seductive; the very thing that keeps me hanging on, willing to give my last breath just to touch him… breathe him in.

He’s savage, inked, and highly captivating. So different from his brother…
He’s hazardous to my health, mind, and body, yet the only thing that I crave. I want to free him. I want to change his mind, but I’m afraid that he’s already too faded…Royal Savage Teaser 05

Amazon US: http://tinyurl.com/RoyalSavage-US

Amazon CA: http://tinyurl.com/RoyalSavage-CA

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/RoyalSavage-UK

RS Teaser tourtag19

Smiling from Madison’s last message, I look up from my phone when I hear a truck

coming down the long driveway. My heart begins racing.

      “Please be Royal. Please be Royal,” I chant softly, while standing up to get a better


      My heart about leaps out of my chest with excitement when I see that it’s Royal’s

black truck, but then quickly sinks at the realization that he may not even want me here.

      I sent him a message over an hour ago and he never responded. He may not even be

expecting me to be here.

      Grabbing my candy bar from my mouth, I wrap it back up the best I can and watch as

he exits his truck, slamming the door behind him.

      He stands on the other side of the truck for a few minutes, before his feet start


      The first thing that I notice as he steps around his truck is that he’s wearing a black

hoodie and his hands are stained in what looks like dried blood. The second thing I

notice as the blue lighting hits his face is that the area underneath both of his eyes is

bruised and slightly swollen.

      I toss my Snickers aside and rush down the porch in a panic, my whole body

screaming to take care of him and pull him into my arms in comfort.

      Instead, I stop in front of him and gently run my fingers over his beautiful face as he

stands there breathing heavily.

      “Holy shit, Royal. What happened to you? Are you okay?”

      He looks at me, his eyes tearing into my soul, paralyzing me. All I feel in this moment

is his pain and suffering, and it feels like my heart is being ripped from my chest. Only

Royal has the power to make me feel so damn much from one single look.

      “My hell is what happened. Nothing that you should be concerned with.”

      Swallowing, I pull my hands away from his face and drop them to my sides. I’m

afraid to know this next part, but ask it anyways. “Did you hurt someone?”

      My heart beats wildly against my ribcage, waiting for an answer. “Not as much as he


      Seeing the pain in his eyes is enough for me to understand, and I find my words

coming out without me thinking. “You shouldn’t have stopped then.”

      His eyes widen a bit as if he wasn’t expecting my response, and he slowly starts

walking at me. Unable to pull my eyes away from his, I walk backwards, stepping back

every time he steps forward, until I’m pressed against the door.

      He brings his bloodied hands up to press against the door, pinning me in. Then he

leans in until his lips are hovering above mine, only a small breath away. His voice is

thick with emotion as he stares into my eyes and speaks. “You think I should have kept


      I nod my head and grab both of his arms, squeezing them through the thick fabric.

“If he hurt you, then yes.”

      He breathes against my lips, causing me to tilt my head and brush my lips against

his, wanting to taste him.

RS teaser(1)

tag15Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion.

She lives for a good romance book with tattooed bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she’s not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorites shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter and True Blood.

She is the author of Wake Up Call, This Regret, Slade, Hemy, Cale, Get Off on the Pain, and Something for the Pain. Victoria is currently working on more releases for 2015.

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