#SeriesSweep Wrap Up: Some good, some…not so. #giveaway #endoftheyearreads @bookcrushin


After a trying month and a half, I had to throw in the towel……..and here are my #seriessweep results:

First of all- I floved the Lux series, and am proud to say I read the ENTIRE THING in about oh you know, a week, and then a few days for Oblivion (ebook version with all three novels in DB’s pov.)  I am already wanting to re-read it, that’s how much I loved it.

Katy is totally my new book girlfriend and I want Dee as my bestie.

Now my second series,,, the Lunar Chronicles.  It just. didn’t. happen.  I kept trying to read Scarlet and a million things got in the way so I’m about halfway through it at this point.  Not that I didn’t like it, I did, but the diverging plot lines made it hard to get into at first and again, I was totally distracted so I wouldn’t say it’s Meyer’s fault.  I’m definitely going to read the series in the coming months, though, as I was lucky enough to get Fairest and Winter in December.

This year I truly want to tackle Game of Thrones and maybe even start the Selection, so I’m looking forward to getting more series off my TBR.

Have you read any of the books mentioned or do you have any series you’d say I should add to this year’s list?  Comment on the post to get an extra entry into my series sweep giveaway, and I’ll announce a winner by week’s end!  Remember to visit my first post for your first chance to win!

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4 thoughts on “#SeriesSweep Wrap Up: Some good, some…not so. #giveaway #endoftheyearreads @bookcrushin

  1. Thanks so much for participating, Ashley! AND I am so glad you loved the Lux series! WooHoo! I am a tad obsessed with it as well! Always good to have another to chat with about it! I definitely recommend you start JLA’s Dark Elements series next and then we can gush over Roth too! 😛
    -Kelly @BookCrushin

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