#Preorder Review of #Heroes by @ednahwalters with #sneakpeeks for your viewing pleasure!

Heroes Cover-SMALL

Heroes are not born. They rise out of love and duty.

But what if you have to choose?

Eirik wants nothing more than to show Celestia—the Witch who pulled him out of the darkness—that his feelings for her are real, but his parents expect him to avenge a wrong done to his family. To make matters worse, Celestia is moving on and is already dating another guy. Then Eirik discovers she is the key to accomplishing his goals. Caught between love and duty, Eirik will do whatever it takes, including getting up close and personal with Celestia, to get his way.

Celestia is convinced she is drawn to Eirik because of the bond created by the dragon’s kiss, so she pushes him away. But when he comes to her for help, she is once again thrust into his world, where things are never what they seem.

From Earth to the realms of the gods, betrayal follows them and help comes from unexpected sources. But when the time comes for Eirik to choose, will he fulfill his duty or follow his heart? Everything rests on his shoulders as the wrong choice may lead to Celestia’s worst fear—the rise of the Harbinger of Death.


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Mama’s Thoughts:

What is there to say about Heroes that hasn’t been said yet? Plenty!  It’s such an amazing continuation of the exciting journey we started in Demons, book 1 of Eirik’s story.  The main Runes books had only given us glimpses of Eirik once he left Earth/Midgard, now we are learning what he’s been up to, and boy has that dude been busy!  Celestia and Trudy are back as well, and I love them so much, I want them to be my new besties.  For reals.  How can you not want to be part of their shenanigans?  Plus who doesn’t love chocolate and painting? really?
This installment shows a totally different side to Hel, and without giving too much away, I can say that you very well might view her quite differently, or at least with a bit less hate, after reading Heroes.  Baldur is his usual self, not making a whole lot of sense at first, then being part of a larger scheme that he thought was for the good but backfires.
I wanted to throat punch a certain character once their involvement was revealed, I’ve hated them since (spoiler not shown.)
Ednah Walters doesn’t just bring out Eirik’s mischievous side, she brings out the devil in us all, making us greedy little minions ready to scoop up the next little morsel of fantasy goodness she dangles in front of us.  She takes us from high above the mountains in Hel, to the swamp lands of Louisiana, then through a crowded market in Nidavellir, to unknown realms through Celestia’s projections.  It’s a crazy ride that I can’t stop myself from taking again and again!






Eirik is relentless and unstoppable as he sets out to prove his feelings for Celestia. He destroys every doubt she ever had about them. Together, they are combustible, whether at her place or his home in Hel. He has fulfilled the promises he made his mother and his family is finally whole. Even his mother accepts Celestia as his chosen mate.

But can he protect her from her kind without crossing the line?

Everything has changed for Celestia. She doesn’t fit in with the Witches, but that’s okay because she never belonged to a coven to begin with. But things are different now and someone blames her. Unexplained accidents dog her, spells keeps going wrong, and a secret Witches organization is recruiting those closest to her. There are no lengths Celestia will go to protect Eirik and those she loves. But help will come from unlikely people and places and she’ll realize that together they are stronger.

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