Release Day Blitz #DrydenNightmares 5 authors, 9 stories. Something scary for everyone! Available where ebooks are sold. @tracyddk

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Release Day Blitz

Dryden Nightmares by Fluffy Sama, Laura Konrad, Kitty Sarkozy, Eugene Kelly III, and Katie Papilio

Release Day: April 28, 2016

Genre: Horror

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The Dryden Experiment is expanding its Creative Commons revolution into new genre. Dryden Nightmares gives you nine treasures of the horror genre plus a bonus creepiness from Dryden founder Katie Papillio.

Welcome to the twisted minds of Kitty Sarkozy, Eugene Kelly, Laura Konrad, Katie Papilio, and Fluffy Sama. They are the things that go bump in the night.


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Whoa dudes.  I started reading this collection at night and quickly put it away for day time reading.  I’m not easily scared (Clive Barker cured me of that) but I was chilled to the core with some of these entries!  There’s something for all kinds of horror fans- from psychological terrors to gory messes and everything between.  I loved the style of very short chapters written by the different authors, and the way all the stories coalesced into a greater nightmare.  Dryden has consistently put out some of the most exciting science fiction, so it’s no surprise they would kill it with horror as well! I really hope that Kitty Sarkozy and Laura Konrad give me heaps more of their stories, but I enjoyed each contribution in its own right.  If you’re not easily scared or creeped out, grab this gem from Amazon and get to readin’.



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