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Author’s Disclaimer: The Alternate Earth Series is part of my Watcher series of books. The minimum required reading for this series are the books in my Watcher Chronicles (Broken, Kindred, Oblivion, and Ascension). Recommended additional reading is Caylin’s Story (Timeless and Devoted) and Aiden’s Story.

Alternate Earth is a world Jess always considered a part of her past, not the way leading to her future. When she began to have a recurring nightmare about it, she knew destiny was urging her to go back there. For five long years, Jess and Mason have struggled to assemble the right combination of travelers fated to journey back to this altered reality with them. Now, they’re down to finding the final member for their party, whose presence will allow the vessels to open a dimensional gateway back to alternate Earth.

Jess’ dreams have shown her a world on the brink of Armageddon. All of the signs point to the possibility that the Princes of Hell have already started opening the seven seals they stole from Heaven. Black banners embossed with an ominous red dragon now adorn the landscape, indicating that someone, other than the Watchers, is now in control of alternate Earth. Who this new power is and how they rose to supremacy so quickly is a mystery her dreams haven’t revealed. Jess is only certain of one thing. The people on alternate Earth are in dire need of the help only she and her friends can provide. Maybe, if she can find her way back, she can prevent the terrified screams of millions and finally silence her own.


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