#NewRelease the final part of #AldersWorld by Katie Papillo is now available! Read our #review and get more info inside! @drydenex @tracyddk


The end of the Alder’s World series. The attacks from the Technoprey have become more deadly, the human’s position more desperate. Alder and an inexperienced crew must set out on a perilous journey with one goal; destroy the Technoprey once and for all.


Mama Says:

I had the pleasure of reading the first two installments, and wasn’t sure exactly where the author would go with the story, but the ending is one of those pitch perfect series of bittersweet events that makes absolute sense, even if some of them leave you a little heartbroken.  I loved that the series and characters became even more relatable as you read further along, and that while things are happening fast, you aren’t left in the dark.  Another great entry into the Drydensphere, Alder’s World Part Three: Technoprey reminds us that science fiction is just as bit as empathetic and fantastical as any other genre, and seeks to answer some of our most burning questions.

Read an excerpt of chapter 1:
Author Facebook Excerpt


Visit the Dryden site for more information about this and other authors and artists who are part of this creative experiment, you might be surprised who might show up!

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