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Quintina (The Starseed Series #2)
Meghan Riley
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Release Date: 2016

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WARNING: The blurb and review on this post may contain spoilers for book 1, so please avoid reading if you still need to read Anna.  You can find the buy links below.
Summary from Goodreads:

No longer on Earth, Anna must now piece together her memories on the strange, new world of Enki. Guided by Julianus, the mysterious man who brought her back, she soon realizes this isn’t the same world she was starting to remember, making it even more difficult to figure out why she was sent to Earth. Will she be able to solve the mystery before the people who sent her away realize she’s back? Or will her memories forever remain lost?

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The Starseed Series on Amazon:

Anna (Book 1) – Paperback | eBook

Quintina (Book 2) – Paperback | eBook

Mama Says:

This was my first introduction to the Starseed Series and I have to say I am completely hooked.  I really didn’t know what to expect, especially since the first book was so very much in the real world with odd, possibly supernatural events, and this second one is not even on Earth.  The dueling realities had me completely twisted, trying to figure out what was real, what was memory, what was present or past, and what had yet to happen.  I found this faster paced installment more exciting than the first, though I was thoroughly engrossed while reading both.  It’s not really a time travel story, but it shares similarities, and there are some great scenes that detail what it’s like to lose and then regain memories- but not be able to tell what is or isn’t real.  You’ll want to start this early in the day, otherwise you’ll be up so late at night, and possibly needing the lights on anyway, that you’ll have an epic book hangover in the morning. While science plays a starring role in both novels, no pun intended, Riley has made it accessible and easy to understand, while completely integrating it into the story.  You can enjoy the books whether or not you’re familiar with the material, and even if you really don’t have an interest in astronomy or physics, I think you’ll enjoy the characters and the wild world in which they find themselves.

meghan rileyAbout the Author

Meghan Riley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Maryland and immediately pursued her lifelong passion for the written word. Her debut novel, Anna, presented itself as a way for Riley to inspire teenage girls to expand their interests beyond the typical teenage quandaries, ultimately encouraging females toward an interest in science. She is currently hard at work on the next book in The Starseed Series. 

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