#GetUndertheCovers with @desnidantone for a surprise release this fall #ya #romance #whatcomesnext

Today we have some very exciting news and a gorgeous cover to share with you from Desni Dantone, whom you may know as the author of the fantabulous Ignited series.  Her next release will be something completely different, and we are stoked to show you the cover and blurb below!

What Comes Next

by Desni Dantone

release expected October 2016

YA  Romance



With the draft sending everyone he knows off to war in 1969, the threat to his own mortality is the only thing on Bennett Sawyer’s mind . . . until the day his life entangles with Ana Maxwell’s. When a cruel twist of fate threatens to force them apart forever, he’s left with only one option: get the love of his life back at any cost.
When a weathered photograph that should not exist mysteriously appears among the forgotten remnants of her past, Ana is forced to question everything she knows. While confronting the demons that have chased her for three years, she relives the memories of the lost love she has tried unsuccessfully to forget.
Her search for the truth leads Ana home to where it all started. What Ana doesn’t know is that an unexpected surprise is waiting for her—one that will make her doubt the choices she made, and force her to reconsider her future.
From the rush of first love to blossoming hope on the heels of crushing loss, Bennett and Ana relive the best and worst years of their lives as they ponder the question, what comes next?
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