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✿ THE COLLECTORS’ SOCIETY (The Collectors’ Society, #1)

From the author of the Fate series and The Deep End of the Sea comes a fantastical romantic adventure that has Alice tumbling down the strangest rabbit hole yet.

After years in Wonderland, Alice has returned to England as an adult, desperate to reclaim sanity and control over her life. An enigmatic gentleman with an intriguing job offer too tempting to resist changes her plans for a calm existence, though. Soon, she’s whisked to New York and initiated into the Collectors’ Society, a secret organization whose members confirm that famous stories are anything but straightforward and that what she knows about the world is only a fraction of the truth.

It’s there she discovers villains are afoot—ones who want to shelve the lives of countless beings. Assigned to work with the mysterious and alluring Finn, Alice and the rest of the Collectors’ Society race against a doomsday clock in order to prevent further destruction . . . but will they make it before all their endings are erased?

* This is the first book in the adult romance/fairy tale Collectors’ Society series.

Buy Links:

Amazon US: http://bit.ly/CollectorsSocietyUS

Amazon UK:  http://bit.ly/CollectorsSocietyUK

iBooks:  http://bit.ly/CollectorsSocietyIBOOKS

Kobo: http://bit.ly/CollectorsSociety1KOBO

B&N: http://bit.ly/CollectorsSocietyNOOK

✿ THE HIDDEN LIBRARY (The Collectors’ Society, #2)

Sometimes, the rabbit hole is deeper than expected . . .

Alice Reeve and Finn Van Brunt have tumbled into a life of secrets. Some secrets they share, such as their employment by the clandestine organization known as The Collectors’ Society. Other secrets they carry within them, fighting to keep buried the things that could change everything they think they know.

On the hunt for an elusive villain who is hell-bent on destroying legacies, Alice, Finn, and the rest of the Society are desperate to unravel the mysteries surrounding them. But the farther they spiral down this rabbit hole, the deeper they fall into secrets that will test their loyalties and pit them against enemies both new and old.

Secrets, they come to find, can reveal the deadliest of truths.

* This is the second book in the adult romance/fairy tale Collectors’ Society series.

Buy Links:

Amazon US: http://bit.ly/HiddenLibraryUS

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/HiddenLibraryUK

iBooks: http://bit.ly/HiddenLibraryIBOOKS

Kobo: http://bit.ly/HiddenLibraryKOBO

B&N: http://bit.ly/HiddenLibraryNOOK

✿  THE FORGOTTEN MOUNTAIN (The Collectors’ Society, #3)

After years spent in Wonderland, Alice Reeve learned the impossible was quite possible after all. She thought she left such fantastical realities behind when she finally returned to England.

Now Alice has become a member of the clandestine Collectors’ Society, and the impossible has found her again in the form of an elusive villain set on erasing entire worlds. As she and the rest of the Society race to bring this mysterious murderer to justice, the fight becomes painfully personal.

Lives are being lost. Loved ones are shattered or irrevocably altered. Each step closer Alice gets to the shadowy man she hunts, the more secrets she unravels, only to reveal chilling truths. If she wants to win this war and save millions of lives, Alice must once more embrace the impossible and make the unimaginable, imaginable.

Sometimes, the rabbit hole leads to terrifying places.

Buy Links:

Amazon US: http://bit.ly/ForgottenMountainUS

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/ForgottenMountainUK


Kobo: http://bit.ly/ForgottenMountainKOBO

B&N: http://bit.ly/ForgottenMountainNOOK

✿  THE LOST CODEX (The Collectors’ Society, #4 / coming soon!)

Allies, once inseparable, splinter until they break apart.

An insidiousness carves its way through Wonderland, challenging the land’s very existence.

Battle lines will be drawn as pages, long languishing in darkness, are finally illuminated.

Swords will clash, blood will be spilled, and lives will be lost.

For what is written can still be erased.

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a release date!! Mark your calendars for November 7th, 2016!

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Excerpt from The Hidden Library:

Later, when the sweat on our skin turns cool and the floor turns hard, she murmurs, “Someone should write a book about how Alice Liddell from Wonderland falls in love with Huckleberry Finn. I might rather want to read that book.”

I bury my face in the curve of her neck. She smells so goddamn good right now. “What would it be called?”

She’s quiet for a long moment. I run my hands along her body, memorizing the planes the best I can. A sigh of contentment floats be- tween us, and I have no idea if it came from her or me.

I can’t remember being so happy.

“It would be a love story,” she finally says.
“That’s the title? A Love Story?”

“No, no. It would be called An Ode to Polaris.” And then, “Polaris is the name of the North Star.”

I kiss the hollow of her neck. “I know what Polaris is. We’re binaries, remember. Can’t it be An Ode to Binaries?”

“The point is, it would be a love story. And it would be my favorite.”

The breath in my chest stills. Is she—is she saying what I think she’s saying? I have to swallow before I can talk. I’m reminded of how my father looked at his wife when she was telling all the revelers at their anniversary ball of how he proposed to her. He looked at her like she was the most important thing in his world. Like she was the most precious. Like the sun rose and set on her.

As much as I loved them both, it was alien to me then. But I get it now. I absolutely get it.

When I answer her, my words will only come out as whispers, there’s so much emotion in me. “It would be my favorite, too.”




Heather Lyons is known for writing epic, heartfelt love stories often with a fantastical twist. From Young Adult to New Adult to Adult novels—one commonality in all her books is the touching, and sometimes heart-wrenching, romance. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working their way through every cupcakery she can find.



Website: http://www.heatherlyons.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heatherlyonsbooks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_heatherlyons

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heatherlyonsbooks/

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Demon Dialysis

by Jennifer Siddoway

The Earthwalker Trilogy

Publication Date: May 20, 2016

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

Demon Dialysis - Book One

Purchase: Amazon

Inspired by the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale, Wynnona Hendricks finds herself caught between the realms of Heaven, Hell, and Earth, fighting for her right to live.

The Demon Lord, Aidan, has activated her latent powers carefully hidden behind a mortal facade and now, she must conquer the Seven Deadly Sins or be sent to Hell herself as one of his minions. The only one who seems to believe in her is Caleb, the angel who chose to spare her life rather than risk the shedding of innocent blood, but by doing so, may have started a war between the factions, throwing the Mortal Realm into mayhem.

Follow Wynn as she fights to protect her family from being ripped apart, including her mother, who isn’t what she seems.


Mama Says:

I’m going to urge you to not take this book at face value.  Demon Dialysis begins as a pretty typical ya contemporary, but by the end of the first chapter is very clearly NOT.  At first glance, things come to Wynn and are accepted by her too easily, but as you read you learn that there is much more to the story, much of it was before she was even conceived so it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence.  I was immediately drawn in by Siddoway’s enticing and lulling prose, and I appreciated her inclusion of some very popular myths while still making them her own.  Her universe is one close enough to ours to seem real, yet not entirely.  I find it telling that Wynn is in a near-constant state of disbelief yet she keeps going forward as best as she can- that makes for a strong MC with whom I can find myself siding.  She’s thrown into some things beyond her control and she still tries to help those she cares for and continues to find answers even when it seems for naught.  I am totally on edge waiting for the next book in the trilogy!

About Jennifer Siddoway


Jennifer is a Florida based, Indie Author who writes paranormal romance and fantasy for young adults. When she’s not busy writing or burying her nose in a book, Jennifer enjoys doing medieval reenactment with her husband and two children. Demon Dialysis is a contemporary Young Adult Fantasy and her debut novel.

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Happy release day @DonnaGalanti and #JoshuaandtheArrowRealm from @tantrumbooks @chapterxchapter #giveaway



Welcome to the Release Day Celebration for

Joshua and the Arrow Realm

(Lightning Road #2) by Donna Galanti

presented by Tantrum Books/Month9Books!

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Happy Book Birthday, Donna!


Joshua2 Cover


Joshua never thought he’d return to the world of Nostos so soon. But, when King Apollo needs his help in the Arrow Realm, Joshua’s will and powers will be tested in order to save him.

With his loyalties divided between our world and theirs, Joshua wonders whether he alone can restore magic to the twelve powerless Olympian heirs, or whether he is being tricked into making the one mistake that might cost them all.

JOSHUA AND THE ARROW REALM is the exciting follow up to JOSHUA THE LIGHTNING ROAD which the Midwest Book Review called, “a heart-pounding thrill ride.”

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Joshua and the Arrow Realm (Lightning Road #2)

by Donna Galanti

Publication Date: August 30, 2016

Publisher: Tantrum Books

Chapters | Amazon | B&N | TBD






Stay away from the window, don’t go outside when it’s storming and whatever you do, do not touch the orb.

Twelve-year-old Joshua Cooper’s grandpa has always warned him about the dangers of lightning. But Joshua never put much stock in his grandpa’s rumblings as anything more than the ravings of an old man with a vast imagination. Then one night, when Joshua and his best friend are home alone during a frightful storm, Joshua learns his grandpa was right. A bolt of lightning strikes his house and whisks away his best friend—possibly forever.

To get him back, Joshua must travel the Lightning Road to a dark place that steals children for energy. But getting back home and saving his friend won’t be easy, as Joshua must face the terrifying Child Collector and fend off ferocious and unnatural beasts intent on destroying him.

In this world, Joshua possesses powers he never knew he had, and soon, Joshua’s mission becomes more than a search for his friend. He means to send all the stolen children home—and doing so becomes the battle of his life.

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Donna is the author of the Joshua and the Lightning Road series and the Element Trilogy. She is a contributing editor to International Thriller Writers the Big Thrill magazine and blogs at http://www.project-middle-grade-mayhem.blogs…, a cooperative of published middle grade authors. Visit her at http://www.donnagalanti.com and http://www.ElementTrilogy.com. Donna wanted to be a writer ever since she wrote a murder mystery screenplay at seven and acted it out with the neighborhood kids. She attended an English school housed in a magical castle, where her wild imagination was held back only by her itchy uniform (bowler hat and tie included!). There she fell in love with the worlds of C.S. Lewis and Roald Dahl, and wrote her first fantasy about Dodo birds, wizards, and a flying ship (and has been writing fantasy ever since). She’s lived in other exotic locations, including her family-owned campground in New Hampshire and in Hawaii where she served as a U.S. Navy photographer. She now lives with her family and two crazy cats in an old farmhouse and dreams of returning one day to a castle.

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Happy release day to @s_g_browne and his third #kindlesingles title #ScatteredShowerswithaChanceofDaikaiju

Scattered Showers with a Chance of Daikaiju

Scattered Showers CoverEtsuko’s father is the weatherman for the local Channel 8 news in Kochi, Japan, where meteorologists not only forecast the weather, they also provide warnings of possible attacks by daikaiju (giant monsters). While daikaiju warnings are frequently issued in Tokyo and other northern prefectures for the likes of Godzilla, Rodan, and Kubadon, attacks in southern Japan are rare. Still, Etsuko is concerned about the weekend weather because she’s been invited to the birthday party of the most popular girl at school. The last thing Etsuko wants is for a thunderstorm or a Gigalar attack to ruin the party along with her chances at improving her social standing. Her father has promised Etsuko blue skies for the weekend, with less than a five percent chance of daikaiju. But much like forecasting the weather, predicting daikaiju patterns isn’t an exact science. And when those blue skies turn gray and the daikaiju siren blares, the most popular girl in school will blame the local weatherman’s daughter for ruining her birthday, leaving Etsuko with no choice but to save face.

Order Scattered Showers with a Chance of Daikaiju on Kindle:


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Mama Says:

I for one am very fond of the use of short verse to tell a big story.  This one is gigantic- or rather has some large starring monsters, which are much more than myth.  I’m not sure how to go about this particular review without spoiling things, so be warned this is going to be brief.  Shorter than my stack of pancakes, which is typically one sole buttermilk delight.  Scattered Showers With a Chance of Daikaiju was tons of horror-pop fun, until things get a bit dicey.  And if I’m being honest, the ending killed me.  I am just dying now.  I really need to know the next few words (preferably a whole book full, but even a sentence or two would make me happy.)  If you enjoy contemporary or possibly urban fantasy with a good bit of old-school scifi thrown in, you’ll love this short!

Photo by David DeSilva

Photo by David DeSilva

S. G. Browne is the author of the novels Less Than Hero (2015), Big Egos (2013), Lucky Bastard (2012), Fated (2010), and Breathers (2009), as well as the novella I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus (2012) and the e-book short story collection Shooting Monkeys in a Barrel (2012).

He was born in Arizona and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, spending most of his formative years in Fremont, California, as well as a short stint on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, two-thousand miles southwest of Hawaii. From 1984 to 1989 he attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where he majored in business organization and management and eventually realized that he wanted to be a writer.

After college, he moved to Hollywood, where he worked as a driver and an assistant producer doing post-production work on television spots and theatrical trailers for the Disney Studios. In 1992, he moved to Santa Cruz, California, where he lived for fourteen years writing novels and short stories and working as an office manager. In 2006 he completed his fourth novel, Breathers, which would become his first published novel in March 2009.

His writing has been influenced by Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, Christopher Moore, Kurt Vonnegut, and the films of Charlie Kaufman and Wes Anderson, among others.

In addition to writing, he enjoys biking, golfing, tai chi, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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#GetUndertheCovers with Grace White for #Awaken Bk 1 in #thelituriaprophecy a brand new #na #pnr #preorder



by Grace White

The Lilituria Prophecy #1

Publication Date: September 27, 2016

Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance

PNG Kindle CoverSmall

Preorder: iBooks

For Daiya Cattiva, turning eighteen is a nightmare come true. Once she Awakens, her body will no longer be her own, and she will thirst for physical connection—need it to survive. But the bond is only temporary, and Daiya will be forced to satiate the demon inside her, time and time again. For that is the burden of the Lilituria.

But Daiya doesn’t want to hurt anyone—especially not the cute guy in class, with his annoying charm and fervent persistence. Staying away from Kai Stanton is the smart thing to do. The only choice she has. But when she loses control and kisses him, everything changes, and Daiya knows their connection is deeper than just fleeting lust.

Determined to uncover the truth, Daiya finds herself at the heart of an ancient prophecy that could alter the balance of good and evil forever.

She was never supposed to fall in love, but their love will change everything.

Book #1 in a brand new mature YA / NA paranormal romance series.

Suitable for readers 17+


About Grace White

Grace White is author of the upcoming ‘Lilituria Prophecy Series’, a mature YA / NA paranormal romance.

She resides in the UK with her family and enjoys reading, binge watching series on her Amazon Firestick, and losing herself in a good book.

Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Newsletter | Instagram

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#Love is live! Allure Chronicles Bk 4 is now available from @alyssaroseivy



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There is nothing more powerful than love.

Daisy and Owen never catch a break. After being torn apart by the powerful and ruthless Elders, the

sweetness of their reunion is tempered by the knowledge that Daisy’s emotions may soon disappear again.

With loyal friends by their side, Daisy and Owen will stop at nothing to save her, and their love.

Haven’t started reading The Allure Chronicles yet? The prequel novella Seduction’s Kiss is FREE and Lure (The Allure Chronicles #1) is on sale for 99¢!

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*Prequel novella to Lure (The Allure Chronicles #1)*

Never agree to a road trip to New Orleans with your roommate. At least not when your roommate is dragging you along while she reconnects with an ex-boyfriend. Possible consequences of failing to take my advice:

1) Unknowingly going out with a vampire stripper

2) Getting kidnapped by said vampire’s nest mates

3) Falling head over heels for your winged hero

Believe it or not number 3 is the worst one, especially when no one believes you that he exists.


Amazon iBooks Google Play Kobo B&N

There’s danger in the beauty…

Two years, six months, and twenty-five days. That’s how long it had been since I’d seen my winged hero— not that I’d been counting. I’d suffered through years of counseling just to convince my friends and family that I wasn’t crazy and knew he didn’t exist.

But he did. And I was done waiting.

Days after college graduation I headed back down to New Orleans to retrace my steps and find Owen again only to find my life was about to get even crazier… thanks to the most beautiful and dangerous of all paranormal creatures, the Allures.


About Alyssa Rose Ivy

Website Facebook Twitter

Alyssa Rose Ivy is the bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels with over half a million books sold worldwide. She loves to weave stories with romance and humor, and she is best known for writing about college boys with wings and skinny dipping. After surviving law school and earning her masters in library science, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Happy release day @cameorenae ! #howdoIgetyoualone is live!


– SYNOPSIS –Lyssa Taylor totally thinks she has her future planned out. Being eighteen with strict parents, a relationship is the last thing on her mind. 

 But when she and her best friends arrive at the cabin, for their last summer vacation, the handsome Tyler Preston—her secret childhood crush, and best friend’s (off-limits) older brother—is also there. 

Now, what was expected to be a simple, fun vacation, turns out to be one spark-igniting, complicated mess.

***HOW DO I GET YOU ALONE is part of the Love in the 80’s Remix series. It is also a Standalone Novella which can be read on it’s own.***



Amazon US: http://bit.ly/CR1987
Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/UK1987CR
Amazon CA: http://bit.ly/CA87CR
iBooks: http://bit.ly/ibooks87CR
Kobo: http://bit.ly/kobo87CR
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/smash1987CR
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/BN1987CR

This is a fun, light hearted read that will remind you of the days of high school crushes, and how odd it is transitioning from high school to college.  Though at first it seems like everything is too perfect and no conflict will arise, the tale quickly became more complicated, messy, and beautiful like real life tends to do.  I appreciated the author’s sensitivity to subjects which were broached in the book, and think that others who might usually be triggered by these situations will also appreciate that she isn’t completely graphic and explicit but uses insinuation more than anything.  As mentioned this is definitely a new adult novel, meaning it’s not for kids, so I’d skip this one if you aren’t 18 or older.

Intertwined blog tour with #teasers #review and #giveaway

Intertwined TOUR Banner

by Jenn Marie
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 3rd 2016
Intertwined - cover
Summary from Goodreads:
Quiet seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Parker is looking forward to another mellow summer with her goofy relatives: sun tanning at the beach and staying out of trouble. Which is why the thought of her younger cousin participating in what is, clearly, a setup disguised as an initiation, worries her to the point of intervention.
One that backfires … big time …
Mistaken for her cousin, Elizabeth finds herself transported to an abandoned plantation, a place deeply haunted with unresolved mystery and where horror reigns every summer between July 20 and August 13.
It is there, locked in the pitch dark, where she finds herself paired with the strange and mysterious Adam Hunt—an unexpected trespasser with his own agenda. Together, they find a list of instructions—follow the clues to various possessions in the house, store them in the backpack provided, and find the key that will grant escape.
Having snuck in to document the haunting, Adam offers to help her find the key so long as she helps him record paranormal activity along the way. But as they make their way through the house, they soon discover unexplained anomalies …
For the first time in the plantation’s recorded history, the haunting deviates from its known cycle of events, thrusting Elizabeth and Adam in a series of perilous circumstances that ensue long after the night is over.
As the last day of the haunting draws nearer, and as forces beyond their control ignite their growing attraction, Elizabeth and Adam must work together to uncover the plantations mysterious past before its too late.
Or die trying.
Warning: Occasional coarse language. Intended for Mature Young Adult audience.
Midnight Promo
Haunted Mansion Promo
Mama Says:
This wasn’t at all what I expected.  Honestly the cover is rather misleading, as this is really more of a gothic mystery than a ya fantasy romance, but I do understand the imagery better having read the entire tale.  Although at times I was completely perplexed, it was quite intentional on the author’s part and served as another way to immerse the reader in the warping of surroundings much like what you’d experience actually being in a haunted house.  I nearly had my own anxiety attack this sucker was so intense at times- truly what you’d call a nail-biting experience.  I definitely recommend this for older readers, say 17 and up as there is a bit of language that some might find unsavory for the younger folk.  Doesn’t bother me none, but of course I’m not everyone so there ya go.  I would absolutely read more from this author- her style is very unique and engrossing.

jenn marie

About the Author
Jenn Marie currently lives in sunny California with her wonderful husband and their runt kitty, Chloe. When she’s not writing Young Adult Fiction, she can be found reading, plotting or spending time with her crazy, lovable family. Current obsessions include the movie, Frozen, the New Girl series, Arcade Fire’s latest album, and avocados. Seriously, she can’t get enough of it! Writing, for her, is a passion that refuses to be under prioritized. No matter what’s going on in her life, whether good or bad, writing is always there to lift her spirits.
Author Links:

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Happy release day to #FatedandForbidden boxed set!

https---s3.amazonaws.com-fiverr.com-message_attachements-177625475-medium-3Title: Fated and Forbidden: An Otherworldly Boxset

Authors: Danielle Annett, Dina Given, E.J. Whitmer, Siana Wineland, Tom Shutt, Amy Stearman, M.S. Dobing, A.L. Kessler, Frances Pauli, Rebecca N Caudill.

Genre: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal

Release Date: June 30, 2016


Ten heroes and heroines are up against unknown forces of darkness—good thing they all have supernatural skills and abilities—it’s just too bad that not all of them are sure what to do with them yet. Powerful allies are hard to come by and lines are blurred when it becomes difficult to tell friend from foe. Delve in to ten unique worlds full of vampires, witches, mages, dream-stalkers, fallen deities, monsters and even super heroes! Supernatural skills may be enough to save them… but only if they can figure out how to wield them in time.

All stories are first in a series!

1. Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett: Vampires and shifters vie for control of Spokane, Washington, and Aria Naveed is right in the middle of the fire.

2. Message Bearer by M.S. Dobing: Seb is a fledging mage, able to manipulate reality, and he alone carries the message that could change the course of the conflict forever

3. Unhidden by Dina Given: It’s not always easy to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys, especially when your heroine is a trained killer and she may be falling in love with her evil hunter…

4. No More Black Magic by A.L. Kessler: Explosions, bodies and black magic are just part of a typical day at this agency.

5. Power Surge by E.J. Whitmer: From ordinary to extraordinary in just one week. It’s a good thing she looks great in spandex.

6. Brooding City by Tom Shutt: A police detective is confronted with his own past crimes as a dream-stalker even as he takes on a greater evil.

7. Altered by Amy Stearman: A pretty law student’s life is changed forever by a mysterious stranger when desire, possession, and treachery lead Sadie down a crooked path to redemption

8. Emergence by Siana Wineland: Valkyries invade the Pacific NW, in a contagion. What’s a girl to do when she finds she’s been infected and sprouting wings happens to be a side affect.

9. A Time Apart by Rebecca N. Caudill: A vampire and a woman who couldn’t be more different, realize that destiny has brought them full circle.

10. Familiar by Frances Pauli: A beautiful small-town witch teams up with a sexy cop to take on a demon.

Available to purchase Exclusively on for a limited time.
Fated and Forbidden will only be available for 90days from release so don’t miss out!




Danielle Annett is a reader, writer, photographer, and the blogger behind Coffee and Characters. You can learn more about Danielle on her website at www.Danielle-Annett.com or follow her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDanielleAnnett and on twitter @Danielle_Annett

M.S. Dobing lives in Preston, UK with his wife and twin daughters. His first novel, Message Bearer, is the first in his urban fantasy series, The Auran Chronicles, the sequel to which is due out in the first half of 2016. Follow him at https://www.facebook.com/AuranChronicles?hc_location=ufi

Dina Given has been an avid fan of fantasy in all of its permutations since childhood. She is convinced that magic lives on in this world, and she is doing her part to bring a piece of it to readers. Learn more at www.dinagiven.com and follow her at https://www.facebook.com/DinaGivenAuthor/

A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance author residing in beautiful Colorado Springs, Co. Since she was a teenager she has loved spinning tales. She can easily be won over with gifts of coffee or chocolate. You can learn more at http://www.amylkessler.com and follow her at www.facebook.com/alkesslerauthor

Tom Shutt writes paranormal suspense with generous helpings of humor and a sprig of mystery thrown in for good measure. Sometimes he dabbles in fantasy, but in all cases, he strives to push the boundaries of modern fiction in search of good answers to hard questions. Follow him @TomShutt and learn more at www.tomshutt.com

E.J. Whitmer is the author of the Anna Jennings Super Novels, an avid reader, amateur karaoke rockstar and professional awkward turtle. Follow her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ejwhitmerauthor/

Amy Stearman is an avid reader and writer of stories, hailing from the Midwest. She lives in the liberal mecca of Kansas with her husband, young son, and ornery Sheltie. Find her at http://www.amystearman.com/ or follow her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAmyStearman/

Siana Wineland lives in the beautiful, but soggy, Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. She spends much of her time shepherding her young children, or the goats and sheep she raises. Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart on the farm, unless you hold out a vegetable. For updates on her writing please visit her website at www.sianawineland.com

Rebecca N. Caudill writes contemporary & paranormal romance featuring smart, kickass females & the men who adore them. Learn more about her and her books at http://www.rebeccancaudill.com or follow her on twitter @rebecca_caudill

Frances Pauli writes speculative fiction, usually with touches of humor or romance, which means, of course, that she has trouble choosing sides. She’s always been a fan of things outside the box, odd, weird or unusual, and that trend follows through to her tales, which feature aliens, fairies, and even, on occasion, an assortment of humans. More information on her work and upcoming releases can be found on her website: http://francespauli.com





by Fire by Danielle Annett

All I saw was blood. Blood soaked

my hands and coated the walls. It stained the concrete flooring of the

abandoned warehouse and dripped from fixtures that hung from the ceiling,

trickling like a slow rain. My vision blurred as anguish filled me. How could

this have happened? How could I have been too late?

I stared down at the lifeless body

of a child. A boy. Kneeling in a pool of congealing blood, I ran my fingers

through his chestnut hair, ignoring the now-cool moisture seeping into the

denim of my pants. His face was unrecognizable. Gone was the child with the

dimpled cheek and brilliant blue eyes. Left behind was a mass of flesh and bonea

ruined body drained of its life force at such a young age.

Reality snapped like an elastic

band, bringing me back to the present as I sat at my desk in Sanborn Place.

Ripped from the haunted memories of finding Daniel’s body.

The world was a cruel place. It

was a fact of life and even though I knew it was true, I still had a hard time

coming to terms with the atrocities people committed. The cruelties that for

some god-forsaken reason, people thought were okay. Staring down at the

wallet-sized photo now crumpled in my hands, I was greeted by a crown of

chestnut hair, bright blue eyes, a heart-shaped face, and a brilliant smile; a

single dimple on his left cheek. The face of an innocent seven-year-old boy,

cut down like he was little more than a calf brought to slaughter. I found

myself struggling to link the image of this smiling boy to that of the ruined

body I’d found less than forty-eight hours ago.


by Dina Given

Cold marble pressed

against my face, numbing my cheek. My stomach roiled from the spinning of the

room, threatening to release my dinner. I took a deep, ragged breath and tried

to keep the dizziness under control. A voice in my head screamed at me to get

up and defend myself, but my body wouldn’t obey. With a herculean effort, I

pulled my legs under me in an effort to rise.

I felt the vibration

in the floor before I heard the heavy thud of footsteps. The bastard was back

for more. It must be my lucky day. A

vice clamped around my ankles, and I slid along the smooth stone floors of the

mansion. Crystal chandeliers and Renaissance paintings streaked across my

vision as I was pulled through an open doorway.

I twisted and

flailed, scrabbling to clutch the doorframe to stop my relentless slide into

the darkened room. I tried to make it a rule to never be forced into a room

when I didn’t know what lay within.

I managed a weak

handhold on the doorframe, but with a sharp tug, my captor caused me to easily

lose my grip. He—because only a man could own hands that large and

strong—“accidentally” slammed me into a coffee table before coming to a stop

without releasing me.

The concussive

grenade that was triggered when I had been finishing my sweep of the last room

in the mansion had left my temples throbbing, preventing me from lifting my

head to get a good look at my captor. I needed to pull myself together if I was

going to fight my way out of here.

Swallowing hard, I

took a silent inventory of my injuries: a few bruises, no broken bones, no

bleeding. Sweet. This was going to be easier than I’d thought.


Surge by E.J. Whitmer:

Blake sighed and pushed his empty plate away from him. “You called

me last night at about 1: 30am. The only words I could make out were ‘jaeger’

‘nipples’ and ‘spandex’. I hopped in my car and headed over here to find you

standing in your kitchen wearing only your underwear and trying to stuff your

entire face in a pint of ice cream. Apparently you were out of spoons.”

That explained why I had sticky eyebrows.

I held my head in my hands and groaned as he continued. “I told

you to get some pajamas on. You wanted my shirt. You took it. Thankfully you

turned around while you were putting it on. I made you drink a glass of water

and tucked you into bed. I wasn’t sure how much you’d had to drink, so I

checked in on you every couple of hours. I provided you with early morning eye

candy. I made you delicious cheesy eggs. I think that’s about it.”

I opened one eye to look at him. “Did you see my boobs?”

His face split into a panty melting grin. “No. I was a gentleman.

I only gawked at your ass.”


by Siana Wineland:


barefoot in the darkness, Jessica hid and watched the recovery team flip lights

on in her house. Panic tried to set icy claws in her gut, but she pushed it

away ruthlessly. The arrival of the recovery team confirmed her worst fear: she

must have started the change.

She’d done her best to deny this possibility. But reality now

walked through her home, leaving her in the cold and dark.

She took a deep breath. Fear of what was to come had to take a


A large, lean man with shoulder-length blond hair entered her

bedroom. He moved with the grace of a predator, her eyes widened when he

turned, allowing her to see the suede of his wings fall gracefully down his

back like a dark cloak.

They’ve sent a Hunter! Her mind froze in panic. Why is there a

Hunter here? Recovery teams only have unchanged people in them.

The Valkyrie stopped and sniffed the air, scenting her, before

walking over to the window and examining it. He spread his wings, the large fan

covering the glass to block the light from behind him. Fascinated, she stared,

transfixed at the way the light shone through the membrane of his wings.

She felt her mind slowing again. Fruitlessly, she fought the

lethargy that was her body’s natural response to the changes taking place

within it.

It wasn’t long before the Hunter’s eyes found hers, their intensity

boring into her, and he smiled a slow feral smile.


Time Apart by Rebecca Norinne Caudill:

As Olivia moved out of William’s

arms, he didn’t fight her but his hands lingered as she slid away, as if he was

trying to hold onto something significant, and for the first time, Olivia could

see quite clearly he was no ordinary man.

“What are you?” she asked, her

voice barely audible above the logs crackling in the fire.

“You know me then,” was his

anguished response.

How could she respond? Prior

to the extensive research she’d conducted the night before, she would have

sworn she had never seen him a day in her life. But that wasn’t entirely

true, for she knew now that she had seen him while she dreamed. She

had seen him lying beside her, touching the most private parts of her

body. And just last night she’d fantasized about making mad, passionate

love to him outside, under the stars. And now she realized it had all happened

before, perhaps hundreds of times. She knew this man intimately … but not the

nightmare version of him, the man who had killed her.

But more importantly, she

realized, Olivia didn’t know herself – that woman from a time long forgotten.

“Who … what … am I then?” Fear and trepidation laced her voice.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know much

about who you are today.” His voice broke with emotion. “I only know who you were and when you were. In the year 1658, you were Ceara, my fierce

beauty. You were my wife and I loved you more than you can know.”

William paused, waiting for her to

interrupt with more questions, but when she remained mute, he continued

speaking. “If asked when I was still the man you remember, I would have said

I’d give anything – my life, even – for you. Instead, I took it.”

As his memories drifted back

hundreds of years, his face became a mask of loathing. He remembered, in

starkly vivid detail, the exact moment he had chased his beloved Ceara down,

broke her neck, and then sucked her body dry.

While Olivia watched him struggle

through his recollections, she wondered how he could have turned on her. What

had she done to deserve that fate? And who – what – was he that he could force these terrible memories to the


“If I was … am … Ceara, who are

you?” she asked, not quite sure she was ready to hear his answer.

“My name is William Macauley and,

as you might have guessed, I’m a vampire.”


by Frances Pauli:


stared at the graffiti and centered, took a deep breath and imagined her roots

reaching down, down into the earth. Her head spun a little. She reached for the

door with her free hand and pressed her palm against fresh red paint.

Running through dark woods. A

round moon overhead that set fear in her steps instead of awe. Why was she

running again? Midnight, dogs barking behind her and the man. Her heart seized

and she tripped over her own feet, sprawled forward toward hard roots and cold

dirt. The man chasing her wanted blood tonight.




blinked and saw blood, red dribbles against white.


Wallace, are you alright?”


She lifted her hand and stared at it. Red paint on her skin. A voice called

from behind her, but it was light out. There was no moon, no danger. She turned

around and found cops on her steps. The short one, she knew. Officer Peg Stone

had taken her call that morning, in fact, but Deirdre had never expected to

actually see the woman. Still, there was the patrol car parked below, and

behind Stone stood a policeman with dark eyes.

Deirdre’s porch rippled like water. Her hand reached again,

splatted against the nasty word but held her upright while the dizziness

swirled around and around.


More Black Magic by A.L. Kessler:

I’d never met the Alpha, but I knew this was him. His black hair

was cut short and his brown gaze cut into me. He stood tall and demanded

attention. Like Simon, he was dressed in older clothes, and I assumed it meant

they wouldn’t care if they got ruined. The muscles of his arms were solid and

his chest strained against the tight muscle shirt that he wore. Yeah, I

wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight against this guy, even if he was human.

Simon bowed his head. “Alpha.”

“Simon, so this is her?” His eyes ran over my body and I raised a

brow. I had dressed in my normal black clothes with boots. I had, as requested,

left the gun in the car, but my blade was sheathed across my back, hidden by my


Simon put a hand on my back and urged me to step forward.

“I’m Abigail.” I offered my hand, but Greg grabbed my wrist and

jerked me forward. I caught myself with a hand against his chest.

“You are a threat to my people, you offer me the back of your neck

in submission.” He growled. “Do you understand that?”

I gritted my teeth and pulled my braid away from the back of my

neck and bowed low enough that I offered it

to him. My verbal answer wouldn’t have been good enough. He was trying to show

off his strength, his power, and I was willing to bet other members of the pack

were watching from the windows of the cabin. Arguing with him wouldn’t have

done me any good.


City by Tom Shutt:

“So what exactly would I do as a Sleeper? I’ve heard only bad

things, and that was when I still thought you were just a bedtime story. If

even half of it is true—”

“We do what is necessary to protect this city,” Benjamin said

tightly. “There are forces that are simply too powerful and mysterious to be

handled by the police. We are the self-appointed protectors of the people.”

“That’s a great pitch, but I meant day-to-day, what will I be


Old Ben contemplated this question for a long moment before

answering. “There is no right or wrong in this world, Jeremy. You must

understand that in order to bring balance to others, we must first find balance

within ourselves. This will not be an easy life, nor one filled with thanks from

those you help—they will never even know you were there. You will make hard

choices, decisions that will leave others bereft of their autonomy. But with my

guiding hand, you will accomplish great deeds and protect countless innocents

during your service.”

“That still doesn’t answer—”

“You will kill. You will maim. You will steal, lie, and deceive.

Nobody will know who you are, or what you do, or when or where you will strike

next. The people will never acknowledge your sacrifices, and they will continue

to fear and despise the myth that you represent.”

There was a pregnant pause before Benjamin spoke again.
“Do you have what it takes?” he asked.


by Amy Steaman:

The first snowflakes

of the year rode their fat bodies lazily down to the empty sidewalk Sadie Pratt

trudged along. If she looked up, the old fashioned streetlights would

illuminate their glittery brethren. But she didn’t look up. A cold winter wind

was demanding attention she didn’t care to give as she shifted her eyes

toward her destination at the end of the street. As if irritated with her

neglect, a particularly breathy gust reached out and freed her auburn waves

from a loose bun. In response, she tucked her chin deeper into the plaid scarf

wrapped around her neck and quickened her footfalls.

Sadie’s mood was as

dark as the cloud-heavy sky hanging above her. Her boss, Harvey McDonnell, of

McDonnell and Loeb Law Office had rung her out of a study-induced trance thirty

minutes before.

“Sadie, I need you in

the office in thirty,” like it was a common request. Like it wasn’t 9:30 on a

Thursday night. Like she wasn’t drowning in the middle of finals!

She reached the

pristine brick façade that stood with pride in the little college town of

Weston’s historic business district and flung the door wide. The gratuitous

cowbell hanging on the handle let out its hollow ring. Harvey was already

there, so instead of turning on the lights and starting a pot of coffee as per

her usual routine, Sadie dumped her heavy bag without ceremony at the receptionist’s

desk and marched back to his office.

Harvey’s watery grey

eyes rose over the edge of his half-rimmed glasses to meet her steely glare

then traveled down her slim frame covered in an overly long flannel, black

leggings and combat boots. He chuffed. “You look nice.”

“I’ll wear proper business attire during proper

business hours,” she shot back, fists coming to rest on hips.


Message Bearer by M.S. Dobing:

It didn’t so much as walk out of the dark – it oozed. Its

form coalesced from the gloom, a slight shimmering in the air, a shifting of

shadows, before condensing into something resembling a human that now stood,

unmoving, just at the periphery of the streetlight.

Yet this was no human.

Unnaturally tall, easily touching seven feet, the thing wore a dark

suit that hung loosely off a pencil-thin frame. Its head was dipped, its face

hidden beneath a black fedora with a single silver band. As he watched, the

creature’s head rose. Black eyes met his. Something cold trickled down his


It began to move forwards, its movement jerky, as if it were

animated by invisible string. Its mouth opened into a wide grin, jaw distending

to almost impossible proportions, displaying a set of dagger-like incisors.

‘You see it, don’t you?’

He’d forgotten she was even there. He looked back at the woman,

managing the barest of nods. She reached out to him, her hand shaking.

‘Come with me.’

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Defragmenting Daniel: The Organ Scrubber

by Jason Werbeloff

GENRE: Sci-fi Thriller



7 stolen organs.

1 vengeful victim.

A gruesome sci-fi thriller.

Organ scrubbing was a bloody job, but somebody had to do it. Daniel, an orphan from the Gutter, was put to work scrubbing kidneys at aged twelve. The job had its perks: a warm bed, Law and Order reruns, and an all-you-can-eat Mopane worm buffet.

Until the Orphanage stole Daniel’s parts, and sold them on the organ market.

Now Daniel has grown up, and yearns to become whole again. The cybernetic organ replacements just aren’t the same – he needs his parts back. But the new owners of his organs won’t give them up. Not without a fight.

Just how far will Daniel go to regain his missing pieces? And how much more of himself will he lose along the way?

Defragmenting Daniel is a cyberpunk crime thriller that will unnerve you. Every part of you.

“A work of great imagination. Powerful and gripping.”

“A stark and moving experience.”

ReadersFavorite.com, 5 Star Review

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The Organ Scrubber is the first fragment of the Defragmenting Daniel trilogy:

Fragment 1 – The Organ Scrubber

Fragment 2 – The Face in a Jar

Fragment 3 – The Boy Without a Heart

Extra Creepy Excerpt:

The sun beat down on the crown of Daniel’s mop of thick, black hair. The hanging smoke in the air thickened. His left eye cried. His lungs protested, spasming as he penetrated deeper into the warzone. About a hundred yards into New Settlers Ways, the sweet stink of burning flesh competed with the smoke. Daniel remembered that smell from the operating theatre, when they’d removed his amygdala. But it was stronger here. Omnidirectional. As though the entire area were a seeping wound, and the sun its surgeon.

Daniel tried to count. To find sevens in the chaos. But the buildings weren’t in rows or columns. There was no order here.

We had you cleaned

We had you eat

He rubbed his eye. Tried to bury the memory of the song.

We love your toes

We love your meat

Odin crawled out of the rucksack and perched on Daniel’s shoulder. They surveyed the destruction together. Daniel could hardly feel the cat’s claws burrowing into his clavicle.

“No good,” said Daniel, echoing the old shopkeeper.

He walked over to one of the mounds of rubble. Heat radiating from the stones baked his cheeks.

Odin meowed. Dug his claws deeper into Daniel’s chest.

“What do you want here?” called out a voice.

Odin darted into the satchel as Daniel whirled around. His cybernetic knee grinded with the sudden turn.

“You have no business here,” said a man. He wore a holey t-shirt and a week-long beard. His eyes were swollen. Frantic.

“I’m looking for Porcu–”

“We don’t need your help,” hissed the Holey Man.

“I’m not here to help. I’m looking for Porcuperry Road.”

“You PeoPle …” The man spat his P’s “… from up north think you better than us. What with your implanted parts and such.” He nosed the air in the general direction of Daniel’s cybernetic knee.

“Sir, I mean no disrespect, but I don’t like my knee. I’d rather have my original.”

The filthy man’s eyes snapped back to Daniel’s face. “What’s that you say?”

“The Orphanage took my parts to pay my debt. I never wanted the replacements they gave me.” Daniel flexed his leg. The joint wheezed as he lowered it slowly to the earth.

“Hmmm.” The Holey Man stroked his grizzled chin. He had a gash along the bottom of his arm. Were those maggots wiggling along the edges? The man needed a good scrub of Rejek.

“What was it you’re looking for?” asked the Holey Man.

“84 Porcuperry Road.”

“Porcuperry was … fi-si-seven blocks down.”

Daniel’s heart quickened. He eyed the broken streets. Doubted he’d be able to make out city blocks in this mess.

The man sighed. “I’ll take you.” He turned on his feet and walked off, not waiting to see if Daniel followed.

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_DefragmentingDanielAUTHOR Bio and Links: 

Human. Male. From an obscure planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Sci-fi novelist with a PhD in 
philosophy. Likes chocolates, Labradors, and zombies (not necessarily in that order). Werbeloff 
spends his days constructing thought experiments, while trying to muster enough guilt to go to 
the gym. 
He’s written two novels, Hedon and The Solace Pill, and the short story anthology, Obsidian 
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