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Luke’s Dream by Melissa Haag

Series: Judgement of the Six Companion Series #3
Category: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Purchase: Amazon


Luke’s been kicked in the teeth by fate enough to know: nice guys finish last.  He’s done being nice and waiting for his due.

Finding Bethony, another potential Mate, was supposed to be his chance at a true Mate. However, she’s young and afraid and needs time to get to know him first. Bethony has different plans. She’s willing to Claim Luke, but only to stop her terrifying dreams; she’s not interested in love or romance.

The closer the pair get to the Compound, the deeper the danger becomes. Luke isn’t the only wolf looking for Bethi. He must choose between Bethi’s safety and peace of mind, or his dream of finding a true Mate.



Mama Says:

Would it be too cheesy to say this book is a Judgment of the Six lover’s dream come true? Yeah? OK then I won’t say that.
Luke is my second favorite Judgment character next to Jim, and his story truly showed me a side of him I didn’t even know existed.  Although I did get more upset with Bethi reading his version of the story than I did with hers (which is found in (Un)wise) that only goes to show how emotionally invested I was thanks to Melissa Haag’s way of drawing me in to the world and making me care for the characters.  There are some truly harrowing and tense moments in this story, as we build up to the final Judgment not too far down the road at this point.  There are also some spit-out-your-coffee-laughing moments to balance out the horror.  And the major swoonage of course.   My only complaint is that the ending feels rushed, but knowing that this is a companion novel to an overall series which continues in several more books, I’m not terribly disappointed.  Honestly, even though Luke and Bethi are an odd couple they really work well together in the books that follow theirs, so I encourage you to read the series as a whole to get the full picture.   This series is most appropriate for ages 16 and older.

4.5 stars



As a special treat, one person can win a signed copy of the Hope(less) sample chapter booklet from Melissa Haag since she was kind enough to provide a copy just for this blog! To enter, comment with your current state of Haag fandom (newbie to obsessed or in between) and how you would handle being on the run for your life with a hot stranger.  Contest ends August 14th at midnight CST, open Internationally!


11 thoughts on “#LukesDream by @melissahaag is our hot #newrelease this week- read our #review and enter our exclusive #giveaway!

  1. Melissa Haag has achieved the spot of my most favorite author! I’m in love with her books! 💙 obsessive for sure 😉
    As for being on the run…bring on the adventure!

  2. I’m not a newbie. I love love love her books. I guess you can say I’m obsessed with her books. If I was on the run for my life with luke I would be happy as a clam lol. What’s life without danger right

  3. I can’t get enough of her books. She never let’s me go when I start a new book of hers. Luke I think would come second to me clay stole my heart lol

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