#WebofHearts by Jamie Magee on sale for only #99cents grab the boxed set and enter the #giveaway today!

Web of Hearts by Jamie Magee is on sale!! Grab your copy of this fantastic series today!!!


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About Web of Hearts:

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This isn’t the love story you know…

A powerful thought-provoking story that reaches across realms, life and death, love found and lost, and the classic battle of the darkness invading us all.

“A richly original telling of the meeting of two souls.”

This compelling series starter set has over 4,000 favored reviews!

Young, beautiful and emotional girl in blowing silk over dark background

Get your copy today:

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Mama Says:
I recently had the chance to finally sit down and read book 1- holy smokes! I was not prepared for this level of decadent prose and thrilling adventure!  I’m only miffed I can’t read through the rest of the series right this minute.  It’s so engrossing and completely sucks you away from reality into this eerie realm of things that are not quite what they seem.  As you read you feel like you’re staring into the other side of the mirror and then all of a sudden there’s another face looking back at you.  I recommend reading this one with the lights on so you don’t wet yourself do to the intensity of it all.  Ok, maybe that’s just an issue for me, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Magee really has a way with words and makes me want to stay immersed in her world rather than returning to the drudgery of every day life.  Maybe just one more chapter…

About Jamie Magee

Jamie Magee has always believed that each of us have a defining gift that sets us apart from the rest of the world, she has always envied those who have known from their first breath what their gift was. Not knowing hers, she began a career in the fast paced world of business. Raising a young family, and competing to rise higher in that field would drive some to the point of insanity, but she always found a moment of escape in a passing daydream. Her imagination would take her to places she’d never been, introduce her to people she’s never known. Insight, her debuting novel, is a result of that powerful imagination. Today, she is grateful that not knowing what defined her, led her on a path of discovery that would always be a part of her.

Connect With Jamie:

Tumblr | Facebook

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