#EveningEdition #review for Dr. Sinister’s Home for Retired Villains by @s_g_browne

Dr. Sinister’s Home for Retired Villains

Dr Sinister's coverDr. Jekyll, Professor Moriarty, and Count Dracula are three of the longest tenured residents at Dr. Sinister’s Home for Retired Villains, where obsolete and vanquished villains go to live out the rest of their meaningless lives. It’s hard enough being a diabolical relic, stuck in your outdated version of treachery, all plans of world domination fading in your rearview magic mirror. But when you have to share meals and movie nights with dozens of other washed-up scoundrels, miscreants, and evildoers like Captain Hook, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Wicked Witch of the West, conflicts are bound to arise. As a general rule, villains tend to be sore losers. And at Dr. Sinister’s, you never know when someone might turn the swimming pool into a shark pit or bring a death ray to Taco Tuesday.

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Mama Says:

Another quick, though not at all perfunctory, read from S.G. Browne’s new Kindle Singles selections, Dr. Sinister’s Home for Retired Villians brings us into the lives of many famous evil doers and what they are up to after ceding their reign to the newest terrors.  Our narrator gives us a tour of the home along with his recounting of recent events, and an anecdote or two.  In such few words, you don’t often find both humor and profound wisdom, but Browne gives us exactly these qualities and much more in his second short story exclusive to Kindle.  When you’re no longer committing atrocious acts, how will your occupy your time?  More likely than not, the answer won’t be a huge surprise, but one you’ll enjoy all the same.

Favorite lines:

“In a way we’ve all become victims, not of each other but of our own nostalgia- wishing for the good old days when we existed in perpetual relevance.”


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