Happy release day to #BeyondtheStarsAtGalaxysEdge the newest anthology featuring Adam Quinn, Anthea Sharp, @writesuntildawn and many more!




Anthology Description:

Take a journey beyond your imaginings to the other side of the universe.

A dozen science fiction writers, including New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, offer remarkable tales in this third collection of space opera stories presented under the Beyond the Stars banner.

Come with us to where the legends are born…at galaxy’s edge.

Procurement by Adam Quinn Description:

Captain Jareyn Brook’s Interstellar Emergency Service operates far from the red tape of the capital world of Meltia—and that’s exactly how she likes it. But when her ship is destroyed and a government subcommittee threatens to shut the IES down entirely, Brook will have to brave the depths of the Meltian bureaucracy to save her command from legal destruction.

Elvis Has Left the Building by Caroline A. Gill Description:

Humans need machines to fly beyond the limits of our galaxy, to explore the stars.  That’s Rora’s assignment: colonize the net Entertainment planet.  One old AI and a crew of five humans serving five-year terms as captain aboard a cargo spaceship that’s more junker than transport.  Together, human and machine fly straight and true for their distant goal.

Until space sickness changes their schedule.

Until madness consumes the ship.


Mama Says:

So far I’ve had the pleasure of reading both Adam Quinn’s and Caroline A. Gill’s contributions to the anthology and they are each a balance of heartbreaking and hysterical.

Procurement answered some questions I didn’t even know I had after reading Flashpoint (the first book in the Drive Maker trilogy which released earlier this month.)  This is a great look at Quinn’s style and works well on its own for those who haven’t read his other work yet.  Political and irreverent, this is a great fit amongst the more fantastical entries into the anthology.

Elvis Has Left the Building is a chilling account of a long journey to colonize another planet, predominantly told around an AI’s pov.  If you’re new to Gill’s work this is a bit different than her Flykeeper Chronicles but you still see her love of the grand sci-fi tradition and use of stirring prose.  Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes the rules have to be bent, which is a recurring theme in Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge.

Another sweeping adventure as only space opera can deliver, this anthology is sure to please new and old fans of the series, and marks a turning point for the overall theme of humans vs. machines, and how we can or can’t handle space travel and all its complexities.


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