Exclusive #guestpost from Joy Nash on #TheNightEverythingFellApart


The exciting new paranormal series from

USA TODAY Bestselling Author JOY NASH


JoyNash Books   October 2016    370 pages   Book One: The Nephilim Series

Paranormal Romance / Paranormal Fantasy

Paperback ISBN 978-1941017012/$13.99   eBook ASIN B01IRMBM68/$5.99


In this fast-paced launch of Nash’s Nephilim series, descendants of fallen angels battle for control of fractured Nephil magic and the mastery of the human race.


Arthur Camulus, heir to Merlin the Sorcerer, has inherited the vast and perilous magic of his ancestor. With gaps in his memory and blood on his hands, Arthur vows to wrest the leadership of the Druid clan from Mab, its beautiful and deadly alpha.

Cybele Herne joins Arthur’s quest though she knows defeat will bring death or enslavement. As the young lovers race to find the lost staff of Merlin—their one hope to defeat Mab—a second enemy surfaces: a rival Nephil who seeks to use Arthur to resurrect a deadly evil from the legendary sorcerer’s past.

One fateful night a beacon of hope shines. When Arthur reaches for it, the forces of Heaven and Hell collide.

And everything falls apart.

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Paperback  https://www.amazon.com/Night-Everything-Fell-Apart-Nephilim/dp/1941017010

eBook  https://www.amazon.com/Night-Everything-Fell-Apart-Nephilim-ebook/dp/B01IRMBM68

Myth, Mayhem, and Nephilim by Joy Nash

Nephilim? The term might be familiar. You might have encountered the Nephilim in books such as Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, in TV shows such as Supernatural or X-Files, or in games like Magic: The Gathering. They’re always magical and powerful beings, and have something to do with angels. Or demons. Or both.

But where did the Nephilim come from?

First stop, the Bible, Genesis 6: “When men began to multiply on the Earth, the Sons of Heaven saw how beautiful the Daughters of Man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth after the Sons of Heaven knew the Daughters of Men, who bore them sons.”  

So. A little ancient hanky-panky going on. So far, so good.

Let’s move along on to the Book of Enoch. Enoch is considered part of the Apocrypha, a collection of ancient writings that for one reason or another didn’t make it into the Bible. Or most versions, anyway. Enoch is included in the Bible of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Enoch tells the story of a group of two hundred angels known as The Watchers. For some unfathomable reason, The Watchers were allowed to assume human bodies and live on Earth, with the restriction that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES were they to have sex with human women.

Okay, so you know where this story is going. Because, honestly, when does this sort of thing ever go according to plan?

As it turns out, human women were just too luscious for the Watchers to resist. The angels fell—hard.

The sons of Heaven said to one another: Come let us chose wives among the children of men. So the Watchers took wives, teaching them sorcery, incantations, astronomy, and the dividing of roots. And the women conceived and brought forth the Nephilim, born of spirit and of flesh.

So here we have the Nephilim, offspring of fallen angels and human women. A hybrid race. And apparently, a tiny bit unstable because of it:

The children of the Watchers became evil spirits upon earth, turning against men in order to devour them, to eat their flesh, and to drink their blood. The Nephilim, who have been born of spirit and of flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon Earth.

Oh, crap! Damage control time! The Archangel Raphael banishes the Watchers and sends a Flood exterminate their demonic children. This solution didn’t quite do the trick—some Nephilim escaped.

Legend tells us those first generation Nephilim scattered across the Earth and settled among early humans. The sorcery taught to them by their fathers enabled them to become the shamans and sorcerers of various early human cultures. They took human wives who produced children who resemble humans. But they are not human. They are Nephilim, a hybrid race, in possession of the forbidden magic of their ancestors.

And so we come to The Night Everything Fell Apart, Book One of my Nephilim series. Five thousand years after the Flood that should have wiped them out, the Nephilim still walk among us. A dozen or more clans, each descended from a particular Watcher angel, guard their unique history and magic of their forefather. The instinctive hatred that divides these diverse tribes is an effect of Archangel’s curse. For if the surviving clans of the Nephilim were ever to unite the fragments of their forbidden magic, they might challenge Heaven itself.

Are you ready for a journey into the forbidden? I invite you to travel with me into the world of The Nephilim.


JOY NASH is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal fiction applauded by Booklist for her “tart wit, superbly crafted characters, and sexy, magic-steeped plots.” Her best known works include The Druids of Avalon historical fantasy series and contributions to the multi-author paranormal series Immortals. Joy’s latest series, The Nephilim: Demons Among Us, launches in October 2016 with The Night Everything Fell Apart.



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