A mini-playlist for my first #soundtracksaturday for my current read: #TheNightCircus by @erinmorgenstern #amreading

soundtrack-saturdayAnother meme I came across in my search for fun new things to do here at Mama Reads is Soundtrack Saturday, hosted by The Hardcover Lover, complete with her beautifully made graphics!  Basically, you make either a full length or mini playlist for a book you’ve read or are currently reading, post your picks along with a bit of explanation, then head over to her blog to comment so you’re linked up! Easy and fun, right?

This week, I’ve made a mini playlist, which is for part I of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, a literary gem of magic, mischief and love.  Check it out on Goodreads for more.

Games Without Frontiers- Peter Gabriel ft. Kate Bush
As Sherlock would say, the game is the foot.  Or um, hah actually that’s not it.  But anyway, you get the idea.  As per the back cover copy, the book begins with a game, a wager if you will, though we are not quite privy to all the details, we do know more than the two unwittingly presented players, and I feel like the tone of this song, and even the lyrics, make a good opening statement.

Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son- Arcade Fire covering France Gall
Translated literally to “doll of sawdust, doll of wax” is nearly perfect to describe our dear Celia.  Slight spoiler of an explanation: For is she not played the fool, only to know she’s being played and going along with it like a doll anyway?

Close Watch- Agnes Obel covering John Cale
As Celia and Marco meet, a pivotal moment that I won’t spoil for you guys, because I love you and somehow I managed to not have it spoiled for me, this would be an apt tune to be playing in the background, although perhaps not as exhilarating or confusing as the moment itself.

Whirlpool-Sea Wolf
As part one comes to a close, the world is only just seeing the beginning of what our two young illusionists can accomplish, and they are starting to learn about themselves and one another along the way.  I feel this is Marco’s song, for this moment anyway.  I haven’t read past this so don’t you go spoiling it for me now!

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